As a church, we encourage participation. We believe that once you have accepted Christ as your lord and saviour, it now becomes paramount that you too extend the love and mercy Jesus has shown you.  The best way to do this is by serving in the house of God.  Serving makes our lives matter and it allows us to also release the fragrance God blessed us with.  Serving allows us to discover and develop our gifts. Jesus served, we too ought to serve.

1 Peter 4:10-11 (NKJV)

10 As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. 11 If anyone speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God. If anyone ministers, let him do it as with the ability which God supplies, that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belong the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen.

For inquiries on how to get involved send an email to


Praise & Worship Team

This is the church’s music unit. The unit consists of vocalists and Instrumentalists. The purpose of the unit is to lead worship during the many different services of the church.  If you have musical talent and want to use it for the glory of The Lord, this unit is for people like you.

Dominion Generation

This is our children church and Sunday school.  Dominion Generation comprises of children church teachers for various age groups.  If you’re passionate to educate the children and care for them according to how the Lord has instructed us, which is to train up a child in a way that he/she should go (Prov 22:6), this department is for you.

Drama Department

Drama is a powerful ministry tool. The drama team ministers the gospel through the gift of acting. They regularly organize and put together different playlets to bring to life the messages and teachings ministered at The Pacesetters Church. They also use drama to create awareness with regard to the church’s upcoming events.  If you are passionate about acting/drama, this unit is meant for you.

Technical Team

The technical team is responsible for providing great sound and video during the many services of the church. They are also responsible for recording our services, both audio and video. Technical is also responsible for the production of our sermon CDs and DVDs. If you are passionate about sound and video engineering, this unit is for you.

Greeters Department

The Greeters are the first to display who and what we stand for as a church. They are the first contact people make with The Pacesetters Church, thus they are strategically placed to display the fragrance of the house. Greeters are on hand to make all our guests feel extra special when they arrive at our premises, from the parking lot to the entrance. If you love people and have a perfect smile, this unit is for you.

Ushering Department

The Ushering Department has a great responsibility.  When people enter our services, they first make contact with the ushers.  Their personality of vibrancy, joy and gentleness greatly influence our seekers, visitors and members’ worship experience.  They are responsible for ensuring that all our people, especially our visitors feel respected and celebrated. The Ushers also ensure that order reigns in God’s house. They readily available to assist whenever called upon.

Counselling Department

This unit aims to provide Counseling and relief to God’s people in a dignified and confidential manner.  The unit assists hurting people to discover a path to recovery. We believe that nothing is impossible for God, so should you find yourself struggling and in need of reaching out, this unit will help and enable you to experience God’s mercy, grace and truth in your life.

Follow-up Team

Primarily the Follow up Team is responsible for effectively following up on all our visitors (first-timers) for the purpose of assimilation, in order to ensure that our “back door” is closed.  However, the Follow up Team is also responsible for being our “brother’s keepers” by regularly checking up via telephone, social media and any other means necessary, on all members who have stopped coming to church due sickness, relocation, work constraints etc.

The Prayer Force

TPF is the church intercessory team. Prayer, like worship, is the responsibility of every Christian. However there’s time when the people of God need to join hands and pray in one accord to ensure that the Kingdom of darkness does not prevail. TPF is responsible for offering intercessory prayers for the members of the church, our community, our country and everything else God lays on their hearts to pray about.

Welfare Department

The aim of this unit is to be a blessing to the community around us.  The Welfare Department helps the community in any means necessary, be it education, food, clothing or financial assistance. They reach out to the underprivileged around the Melville and greater Johannesburg areas. They are also responsible for identifying charity organisations that The Pacesetters Church can partner with in order to provide support.

Media & Publicity

 This unit is responsible for publicizing The Pacesetters Church.  They are responsible for managing all our online platforms and social media accounts.  They are also responsible for publishing the church’s newsletters and magazines.  Media & Publicity is also responsible to the marketing and sales of our church resources.


Hospitality Department

We’re always excited to see our guests at TPC, and we do our best to treat them like royalty.  This unit is meant to meet the needs of our visitors and members.  They are responsible for providing and serving refreshments to our members during our special programs.  The department coordinates the activities that involve hospitality and care ministries.

Facility Management

 They oversee the church facilities and ensure they are in good condition. Their duties range from maintenance of equipment and facilities both in and outside the church auditorium to ensuring the cleanliness of the environment. The unit is also responsible for Church health and safety.


All members of The Pacesetters Church, form part of TPC’s specialised ministries. Members join these ministries based on Gender, Age, Marital Status and Occupation.  They are best for ensuring that people of who have things in common gather together in order to encourage and equip one another.

Men’s Fellowship

 The purpose of the fellowship is to bring men from ages of 20 and up together in order to build one another to become better sons, brothers, husbands and fathers.  All men who are truly seeking to stand up for righteousness are welcome.

Women of Substance

The purpose of the fellowship is to bring women from ages of 20 and up together in order to build one another to become better daughters, sisters, wives and mothers.  All women who are truly seeking to stand up for righteousness are welcome.

Couples Fellowship

It is God’s desire that every marriage should prosper. The goal of the Couples Fellowship is to strengthen marriages through Biblical principles, increase our understanding of husband and wife roles in God’s order, and understand the role of the family in the church. All married couples are encouraged to join this fellowship.

Trailblazers (Youth Fellowship)

The youth are our future, the fellowship seek to build leaders of tomorrow who will excel in every endevours of their lives. All teens and non married young adults are encouraged to be a part of this fellowship.