• Dóvia

    Successful approval of permit

    "My family and I would like to thank God profusely for the grace and mercy He showed us in 2017. Some months ago, we started a process of applying for my spousal permit which was a very hectic and tedious process to go through. We were requested to provide so many documents, which some in our opinion were irrelevant. However we obliged and followed all the instructions and requirements from the South African Immigration Services. To the glory of God, the spousal permit came out successfully. Blessed be His holy name.

    As a family we want to appreciate God primarily, and also appreciate our Pastors who stood and prayed with us throughout the process. Thank you also to each and every member of TPC who stood with us.

    To the few brethren who may currently be having challenges with papers/permits/visa/etc., please trust in the Lord and remember that He is faithful. Remain patient and prayerfully so. Soon you too will share your testimony in Jesus’ name. Don’t lose hope regardless of how numbing the process may be for you. May 1 Corinthians 10:13 be real to you."

  • Noxolo

    Healed from an eating disorder

    Growing up I struggled with an illness that caused fungal inflammation eruptions which caused all sorts of infections on my skin, eyes and entire body. I would vomit or have diarrhea after eating certain foods. Even food like bread, rice, pasta or pap, gave me the worst allergic reactions. After years of changing medications, I was told I'd have to live with the illness for the rest of my life. About 2 years ago, my Doctor suggested I follow a low carbs diet as my body was too acidic, hence the symptoms. I developed insulin resistance, gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance besides other symptoms. During the diet, I was only allowed to consume vegetables, organic meats, fats, purified water, and herbal tea. Every other kind of food and drink was banned. The diet however, made me antisocial as I couldn't visit people or attend functions. When I did force myself to eat the forbidden foods, I'd find myself sick for over a week. My story changed when I started attending The Pacesetters Church in 2017. After just 2 months of attending this church, one Sunday Pastor Gbenga (our senior Pastor) was teaching about “The Authority of the Believer” and “Faith”. These subjects challenged me to deal with a few issues I had accepted as part of my life, especially this illness. I took the scriptures that were quoted during that series and made them my daily affirmations. On the 7th of May 2017, I was truly convicted by the word that if I am really born of God, I really do overcome the world. The “world” in this case was my illness, an illness I have lived with all my life and had accepted as normal. I went to the shops and bought everything I was not allowed to eat. I arrived home and spoke to God: “If this food is really poisonous for my body, then it won't kill me coz the word says we shall drink and eat poisonous things and they shall do us no harm Mark 16v11. Whatsoever is born of God, overcomes the world 1st John 5v4. I am born of God, I overcome the world, I overcame every sickness in my body.” Some symptoms immediately disappeared as I ate the food. I’ve been confessing the word of God daily since that day. To the glory of God, I've been eating everything as I wish from the 7th of May 2017. It's now more than six months and I haven't fallen sick. I am completely healed. Truly God does stand by His word.

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